The Collection

There’s much more to the Museum than what we’re exhibiting out in the community. Check out the fascinating exhibits that the Museum had when it had a permanent home. We hope that it will again.

Sample our extensive collection of artifacts and historic photos. Many of these can be seen only here. Click on the photos to visit our virtual museum.

Artifacts and exhibits

Chalk doll prize from the Pike
Chalk doll prize from the Pike


These photographs show just a few of the articles and extensive exhibits that were on display in the Museum.

The Pikejackrabbitracer

The Pike was one of the most popular amusement parks on the west coast. After World War II, it was renamed Nu-Pike.

The Long Beach Earthquake

earthquakehometheaterThe earthquake hit Long Beach on March 10, 1933 at 5:54 pm. It had a magnitude of 6.4, and was centered 3 miles south of what is now Huntington Beach. These photos from the Museum’s collection show the devastation caused by the quake and how people got by afterwards.

Historic buildings

bpac4Enjoy the historic architecture of Long Beach. Many of these buildings are gone, but many remain. The Museum hopes to save the city’s architectural heritage, if only in pictures.