Preserving the Best of the Past for the Future

We are open during the pandemic! Most museums are closed now, but much of the Long Beach Heritage Museum collection resides in local businesses. If the business is open (and many are), you can visit the exhibits. Check out the locations here.

“absolutely breathtaking collection of Long Beachiana”

Tim Grobaty, Press Telegram.

Experience the rich history of Long Beach, California through the extensive collection of artifacts and historical photos and postcards. The Long Beach Heritage Museum, founded in 1961, is home to the largest collection of historic Long Beach memorabilia in the city. Where is this wonderful museum? It’s out in the community. One by one, the artifacts are being taken from storage, carefully restored, and displayed in local businesses. Our Collections Room maintains a rich archive of Long Beach ephemera. Please support the Museum at one of our events.

“Together we can leave our children and future citizens a living heritage. History is made from the heart of the people and out of the heart of the people flows the life of the city’s greatness. With the help of its people, the life history of Long Beach will again flow like a river for all those that seek its past history.”

Ken Larkey, founder

Mission Statement

The mission of the Long Beach Heritage Museum is to promote awareness and be an educational resource of Long Beach History, through the preservation and exhibition of memorabilia and artifacts from the city’s historical past.

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